Frankenweenie 2012 Film Review

Frankenweenie is the new Tim Burton film that is actually a remake of a short film made in 1984. This remake is a fun take on the original Frankenstein film from all the way back in 1931 and it is full of all the gothic style and humor that you would expect from Tim Burton. The 2012 version of Frankenweenie is in 2D or 3D and it is a fantastic film that is perfect for all of the family.

Unlike the majority of films that are released now this is in black and white but that should not put you off from watching it as it is easy to forget this after a minute or two of watching.

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The plot of the film revolves around Victor Frankenstein, a boy who lives quite a lonely life with his parents and pet dog called Sparky. Victor’s parents worry about him and want him to make friends and get out more so his dad encourages Victor to play baseball and

Frankenweenie 2012 movie poster

Frankenweenie (2012)

spend less time concentrating on science, which is his favourite subject. During his first game Victor hits a fantastic home run but his pleasure is spoiled when Sparky runs after the ball and gets run over and killed. It’s a sad moment but this is when the fun starts.

Victor who has watched his science teacher use electricity on dead frogs, digs up Sparky and decides to try to use electricity to bring him back to life. This is successful but the school bully finds out about Victor’s talents and makes him revive two dead goldfish and more kids at school subsequently find out about this. The kids invade Victor’s lab and steal the potion that helps to revive dead pets and start to use it on their own pets that have died. Some of the scenes here are hilarious and will not be too scary for younger children. Unfortunately the pets start to mutate and turn into giants or monsters and they start to trash the town fair.

Thankfully, Victor manages to find Sparky who had escaped from the attic where he was being kept and together they have to fight the monsters in the town. They have to come up with weird and wonderful ways to get rid of the revived pets – Sea Monkeys can be killed with popcorn covered in salt for instance, which is a lot of fun to watch. The end of the movie focuses on a windmill that is on fire, but to learn what happens you will have to watch the film!

Frankenweenie is a fantastic film, especially when it is in 3D and it is filled with laughs that are suitable for all ages, although adults who are into horror films will get more of the in-jokes. There are some big names voicing the film including Winona Rider, Martin Short, Christopher Lee as Dracula and Martin Landau.

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