Taken 2 – More Of The Same, In A Good Way

Taken 2 is basically your typical Hollywood action film, and there aren’t really any massive plot twists or boundary-pushing film sequences. That said, I really enjoyed the film, and the hour and a half absolutely flew by. You definitely leave initially wishing that Liam Neeson was your Dad, before remembering that it’s his stupid fault you always get kidnapped in the first place. As well, despite all his great qualities, when he says ‘I’ll be right back’ that usually means that he’s going to leave you with your torturers for another couple of hours while he takes a look around. It’s pretty lucky his ex-wife is unconscious for most of the film actually; otherwise she’d probably never trust him to return from anywhere ever again.

There’s also the usual needless (and incredibly frustrating) chatting at points where time is of the essence and you really should be focusing on the task in hand, and not, now the time has come, deciding that actually you don’t really fancy driving a stolen taxi through the back streets of Israel. Seriously Kim, your Dad said 5 minutes and not a second longer, so when he gets back in the car after exactly 5 minutes and 2 seconds, that is not the time to strike up conversation. Equally, Bryan, you’ve got a secret tiny phone and that’s great, but don’t spend a whole 2 minutes of the conversation refusing to tell your daughter where you are when you’ve just spent the entire journey memorising the route you took. Especially don’t do this when you know that if your captors notice the use of a tiny phone, they’ll probably kill you. Seriously guys, focus.

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Taken 2 (2012) Review poster

Taken 2 (2012)

A personal favourite plot hole is the first call Bryan makes on the tiny phone, he calls Sam, presumably so he can tell him where he is and help him out so his entire family isn’t killed. Now Sam doesn’t pick up, but neither does he ever call back…because Bryan’s a pretty quiet, uneventful kind of guy, so he couldn’t possibly be in danger right? So why bother calling back? So I guess Sam figures that if it’s urgent, Bryan will call him again, which he does, when they’ve successfully crashed into the US Embassy. And when he does, Sam obviously answers straight away, because he’s a reliable friend like that. Thanks a lot Sam.

My favourite scene in the film has to be the final one, in which Liam Neeson literally kills a man by putting his hand on his face, I guess that after two films of being an absolute killing machine, when Liam Neeson wants you to die, you just die. By far the best element of the film outside the acting has to be the location, if anything there are too few shots of Istanbul to show what an absolutely beautiful city it can be.

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So overall, very enjoyable, not a major departure from the first film, but some incredibly well executed fight and chase sequences and Liam Neeson is brilliant as always, supported excellently by Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen. Also, a big thank you to the person sat behind me in the cinema who cheered when the guy chasing Kim falls to his death because he jumps into a washing line, you made that scene very memorable.

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