5 TV Sitcoms You Need To Watch Right Now

5 TV Sitcoms You Need To Watch Right NowTelevision shows are a great way to kick back and leave the real world behind in favour of some alternate and fictional reality. Whether you’re in Sydney or New York, at the end of a long, hard day, there’s nothing better than to rest your weary legs and laugh away your troubles with a sitcom. Here are five choice shows to watch and unwind.

How I Met Your Mother

Into its eighth season now, How I Met Your Mother chronicles – in excruciating detail – how one man comes to meet his future wife, as told to his children in the year 2030. It centres on Ted, the narrator and hopeless romantic, and his close circle of friends, Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney. This show is known for coining phrases like “suit up!” and “legen – wait for it – dary!” and concepts like the “Crazy-Hot Scale” and the “cockamouse”. While the general premise of the show is more than a little drawn-out, you’ll get hooked by caring about the characters and wondering what new catchphrase Barney will coin next.


Sitcoms that are set in university or college are not uncommon, but what makes Community a gem is the diverse cast and self-referential writing. The show centres around a Spanish study group who try to overcome the absurdities that their community college throws at them. The writing is smart, characters immediately lovable (even if you love to hate them) and each episode is just plain fun to watch.

Modern Family

This show explores the dynamics of an unconventional family and follows them through their daily antics. Jay, being the father/grandfather of the group, is default head of the family. He is married to his second – and much younger – Columbian wife, Gloria, who brings her son Manny into the family. Jay’s daughter, Claire, is married to a real estate agent named Phil, and they have three children together. Jay’s son, Mitchel, lives with his boyfriend Cameron and their adopted daughter, Lily. The generational gaps make for interesting interactions and misunderstandings. This is a good show for some light laughs.

Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23

June is a nice, Midwestern girl who moves to New York City to pursue her dream job in a mortgage company. However, when things go awry and the company shuts down, June finds she is out of a job and thus unable to pay for her apartment. This is when Chloe, New York It-girl and professional party person, enters the scene and saves June from destitution. Antics ensue, mostly involving Chloe’s partying ways and her best friend, James Van Der Beek…yes, that James Van Der Beek. The show is worth watching for the ridiculous situations June and Chole get into, and the meta-ness of James Van Der Beek playing himself on the show.

Arrested Development

While this show is no longer on the air, it is a gem and the entire series should be a staple in your DVD collection. It follows a privileged and self-absorbed family that falls apart after their patriarch gets arrested for fraud. This leaves his son, Michael, to hold the rest of the family, as well as the family company, together. The show features some ridiculously smart writing, and has jokes that build up over several seasons with reveals that make you go “oh!” If you like smart comedies, Arrested Development is for you.

If the premises of these shows don’t get you hooked, just give the pilot episode a try – these shows will appeal to anyone, no matter where you live.

Author BIO:
Sarah Paige has tried on many careers – from real estate agent to retail store manager. In her free time, she likes to write and watch television shows. Samantha is based in New South Wales.

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