Five YouTube Channels for Original Movie Reviews

top 5 YouTube movies review channels

Youtube Movies Review Channels

While you do not want to have the story’s plot ruined before you go see a movie, you likely want to know a little more about it than what the trailer showed. You can read reviews online, but, thanks to technology, there are now several YouTube channels offering movie reviews. We have provided you with a list of five of the best ones.


This movie review channel is one that is packed full of useful information, and it comes with an interesting twist. Rather than reading boring text or listening to monotonous anchors, you will hear all about the movie from the perspective of an hilarious anime character, and a gorgeous lady named Grace. Grace also has her own show on the channel if you want to cut the humor and get a straightforward perspective. Here’s the Link to Spill Youtube Channel

Chris Stuckmann

While he is not straight from Hollywood, Chris does have the ability to analyze the good and bad of various movies you might want to watch. The neat thing about his channel is that he is actually an indie filmmaker, so he knows the ins and outs of the production and movie business. You and Chris may not have the same favorite genres, but he has the knowledge to give you solid feedback. More information about this channel is here

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Jeremy Jahns

If you are looking for a movie-review channel on YouTube that is short and to the point, Jeremy

Jahns’ channel has exactly what you are looking for. You will find that he offers an in-depth

review of the average-length movie in just a few minutes. However, he also keeps an upbeat and

humorous tone to keep your eyes and ears peeled. You can get more information on this here

Epic Movie Review

By looking at the statistics of this channel, you might believe that their reviews are subpar; however, the reality is that it is a newer channel on YouTube. The three men featured on this channel tell it as it is when it comes to movie reviews. They also begin their recording immediately after viewing the movie at the theatre, so you better believe they will be one of the first to post, aside from those who have an inside connection to Hollywood. More information on this channel is here

Gab and Dad

This is an excellent movie review site for couples and families. It is broadcasted by a father and daughter combination who obviously have their own tastes. Perhaps, they can help you and your family, or spouse, compromise on what movie to watch based on which one they both agree on. Find out more about this channel here

While there are several great movie review channels on YouTube, we have chosen five of the best. Each of these delivers a slightly different perspective, so you will find the perfect one for you.

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