10 Celebrities with Degrees in English Literature

10 Celebrities with Degrees in English LiteratureYou like your favourite actor or singer regardless of whether they are smart or not, but haven’t you ever wondered who is the smartest of the stars. Here is a little selection of some of those celebs who probably could have quite easily turned their hand to something else if that fame thing hadn’t quite worked out.

Reese Witherspoon: On screen she has played a Harvard graduate but in real-life Reese doesn’t belong on this list as she dropped out of college. She gets a mention though as she did at least make the effort to start an English literature degree.

Tommy Lee Jones: This living legend of Hollywood certainly belongs on this list. The Men in Black star graduated with a degree in English from Harvard. Did you hear that, Reese?

Matt Damon: Another only making the list for giving it a go. Matt flunked out of Harvard, again, after the lure of Hollywood all got a little too much for him, or something like that.

Ashley Judd: Not the biggest of Hollywood starts but still one whose name has graced many a billboard. Ms Judd has the distinction of having achieved a French degree from Kentucky University. I know this is supposed to be a list of English grads, but a degree in French is pretty good going!

Jodie Foster: Her acting career might not be what it once was but at least Jodie can fall back on her education if she likes. Ms Foster is the proud owner of a degree in English Lit from Yale University.

Paul Simon: Classic music fans out there will be happy to see Garfunkel’s friend popping up on this list. Before he and his singing partner took over the world with their melodies, Mr Simon graduated in English from Queens College in New York.

David Duchovny: Back to Hollywood and this X-Files star was not going to struggle for work in a parallel universe if he hadn’t made it in the big time. This small screen favourite holds a degree in English Literature, from no less a university than Yale.

So for all you out there who think that your revision books are just a distraction from what is surely your higher calling, stick at it. These guys did and nothing worked out too shoddily for them!

Chevy Chase: Another star of yesteryear with a degree in English is the 80s funny man, Chevy Chase. His film roles might have more or less dried up, but he had a good run and he could always head back to school and do a Masters if he’s bored.

Sigourney Weaver: She may have played an ape lover in one of her many roles but the Alien star was also an English lover at school, graduating from Stanford University.

Hugh Grant: This list caters for celebrities who were not born in the good old US of A. One of the most quintessentially English men of all time went to school in the UK, at New College Oxford, where he achieved a very respectable degree in English literature.

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