Most Ridiculous Movies

From bad plots and over-the-top characters to awesomely bad special effects, ridiculous movies are also some of the most discussed. Many are worthy of the honor, but these four films stand out as some of the most ridiculous of all time:

1) White Chicks, 2004

You’ve got to be blind to buy into the suspension of disbelief that this Wayans Brothers’ film asks of you. The premise is that two FBI agents are charged with going undercover as two Paris Hilton-like hotel heiresses—the Wilson Sisters—in order to protect them from a kidnapping plot. Not only are the FBI agents the wrong gender to play the part, they’re also the wrong race. No amount of blond hair dye or baby powder could ever, under any circumstance, make the swap of two dainty white women for two buff black FBI agents believable.

2) Snakes on a Plane, 2006

It’s a brilliant title with a big name star, but that’s pretty much all Snakes on a Plane has going for it. In order to ensure silence from a witness traveling to a high profile criminal trial, mobster Eddie Kim schemes to have venomous snakes put on the witness’ plane—and ensure their timely release by giving passengers leis with special pheromones on them. It seems clear that the only reason this film was made was so Samuel L. Jackson could deliver the now epic line: “I’ve had it with these motherf-ing snakes on this motherf-ing plane.” Because venomous snakes are just so pesky…

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3) Jaws: The Revenge, 1987

Maybe you can’t have enough of a good thing, but you can make enough movie sequels to ruin an entire franchise. We see this happening again and again in Hollywood, but one of the most famous perpetrators is the fourth and final installment of the Jaws franchise. Where to begin? The fact that the shark is supposedly enough of a mastermind to target Ellen’s family on purpose? Or that it swims the whole way from New York to the Bahamas in three days in its relentless pursuit? Or that it can roar and has an appetite for planes?

4) Howard the Duck, 1986

The film features a humanoid duck who is accidentally sent to Earth by a malfunctioning laser and ultimately must fight off a Dark Overlord trying to invade Earth, oddly also the result of the malfunctioning laser. At one point in time, Howard is tied down and almost cooked for dinner, and his duck-on-human kiss with Lea Thompson is just too ridiculous to watch. Not quite action, not quite sci-fi, not quite spoof, Howard the Duck is one of the most awesomely offbeat flicks of all time.

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