Overlooked Movies That Would Make Great Disney Theme Park Attractions

Disney In Depth 10 Disney Movies That Deserve Theme Park AttractionsTheres no argument that Disney delivers some of the most compelling films with original concepts and themes. While many Disney titles have achieved the glory of being featured in Disney theme park attractions, there are some overlooked titles that would also make great attractions for today’s theme parks.

Modern Animated Disney Movies

Although many of the classics have gained their place as theme park attractions, some newer animated Disney films have been left out. Films like The Incredibles and Wreck It Ralph would make great themes for park attractions. The fast paced spy and superhero elements of The Incredibles would make a great theme for a family attraction where all members get to take on the roles of the characters in virtual reality.

Wreck It Ralph, a sleeper Disney hit for many, would also be a great title for the basis of a park attraction. With its amazing backdrop scenery, fast paced action and excitement, this film’s theme would make a great concept for a competitive racing attraction or a coaster with scenic beauty around every loop-to-loop.

Live Actor Musicals And Family Movies

Disney has brought laughter, joy and heartfelt classics to the homes of movie viewers for years. Although some timeless films will be remembered forever, they have not yet been featured in a theme park attraction. Films like Mary Poppins could be used to develop a London sight-seeing attraction in the typical magic flying umbrella fashion of the film. Soar through the air in vintage British automobiles or holding on to a black umbrella. Whether you wanted to see Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, this attraction would be great for Mary Poppins fans.

Immortalized on film and on Broadway, Newsies tells the tale of life as an inner city youth trying to make their way in life by selling printed press. You can buy tickets for Newsies on stage, but a theme park attraction would allow you to be in the show yourself. A virtual choreographed Newsies experience could be a huge hit with theme park visitors who love the story and fun musical performances of Newsies.

Everyone’s Favorite Disney Movie

It may not be realistic, but there are many great Disney titles that would make popular theme park attractions and even bring new visitors. Everyone around the world has their favorite Disney movie. If theme parks took the time to feature more of these overlooked films in their attractions, it could potentially bring new visitors and spark interest in films and themes that some people may have never experienced before.

With such an endless variety of films and themes, it’s not likely that everyone’s favorite Disney movie will become a theme park attraction. Parks typically try to appeal to the majority, but there are many more obscure Disney films that deserve a closer look. Whether it be on film or as new theme park attractions, Disney truly has something for each and every individual’s liking.

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