Singing and Dancing is a Plus for these Male Actors

Singing and Dancing is a Plus for these Male ActorsAlthough society might expect the average so-called tough-guy to avoid activities such as singing and dancing, the entertainment world has always encouraged men to take on a diverse selection of roles. By breaking out of the tough-guy mold occasionally, the following five actors have been able to have successful performances in several different genres.

1.) Gerald Butler

When an actor can alternate between playing the lead role in “Phantom of the Opera” and the ruthless Attila the Hun in the movie of the same name, it is no wonder that Hollywood and audiences have taken notice. Butler’s choices can definitely be viewed as extreme, and his film rendition of the Phantom can take away some of the sting if you are unable to score “The Phantom of the Opera” discount tickets.

2.) John Travolta

Travolta shot to fame by singing and dancing in films such as “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever,” but his comeback performance of Vincent Vega in the violent Quentin Tarantino film “Pulp Fiction” not only earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, but it also introduced him to a new generation of moviegoers. Of +even “Pulp Fiction” features a short segment that showed Travolta dancing, but this was definitely lost among the more brutal aspects of the Academy Award nominated film.

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3.) Hugh Jackman

Although most people think of Wolverine when this Australian actor’s name is mentioned, he has also spent a lot of time both onscreen and onstage demonstrating his musical chops. Jackman is currently receiving a lot of Oscar buzz for his portrayal of Jean Valjean in the 2012 screen adaptation of “Les Misérables.” The actor has also showcased his ability to sing and dance by participating in the following musical plays: “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Boy from Oz” and “Oklahoma!” Jackman’s performance in “The Boy from Oz” was so well received that he won the Tony Award for Best Actor in 2004.

4.) Patrick Swayze

Swayze was first introduced to audiences on Broadway when he portrayed Danny Zuko in “Grease,” but most movie lovers remember him as Johnny Castle from the hit musical “Dirty Dancing.” Although Swayze was clearly comfortable with his history of singing and dancing both onscreen and onstage, he also decided to take on some tough-guy roles in films such as “Red Dawn,” “The Outsiders, “Point Break” and “Road House.”

5.) James Cagney

Most moviegoers remember Cagney for playing gangsters in films such as “Angels with Dirty Faces” and “The Public Enemy,” but he actually got his start masquerading as a female chorus line dancer. His musical skills were highlighted in the film “Yankee Doodle Dandy” in 1942, and this was the only role that earned him an Oscar.

Several other male actors have also portrayed both tough-guys and men who could sing, including Tim Curry, Charles Durning and Christopher Walken. These actors truly prove that having a diverse resume is the best way to get attention in Hollywood.

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