Making An Idea Your Own

If you have a clear idea for your next film project, you’re likely to be the envy of scriptwriters around the world. Where you take this idea is then up to you, with confidence always key during this process.

It might seem a little absurd to ‘treat’ an idea on the face of things, however, failing to keep it natural could prove costly to its overall development. So, how exactly do you go about treating an idea and ensuring its potential is reached? Here’s how..


At the stage where you feel a script is ready to be written, sum up everything you want it to be on paper. Feel free to add to the list of elements and planned scenes, but bear in mind that this is meant to be the idea in its simplest form. Jotting down everything will mean that no matter how disastrous its early production turns out to be, you will always have a starting point which you can refer back to.

Making it your own

Always take advice from people with knowledge in film, especially if you attend a London film school full of industry experts, but always try and keep the idea going the way you, the individual, want it to go. You might pick up a few people willing to be a passengers on the ride, however, it should always be made clear that you’re the go-to person at all times.

Keeping it creative

As mentioned, some people along your journey might try and change your idea to make it suit more of a commercial audience. This is fine, but you should never be swayed into making a decision that compromises some of the more creative elements of the script. This, eventually, is usually what investors or producers will often look for when the idea is presented. They’ll want to see something unique, with features that can speak to a number of different audiences. There’s no chance for you then to back track and mention all of the things you had previously put in; the time has passed. Be realistic about things that could be deemed offensive or a little too strange, but keeping an audience guessing should work for you in the long-run.

Author BIO: Paul Smithson is a film critic and a junior film editor. He attended a film school in London where he completed his degree in film making, script writing and film directing. He believes that good educational background and hand-on experience is important for anyone to excel in the film industry.

Paul is also a nature lover and this shows on his Google+ profile.

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