The Night Of The Titanic Retold

The magnificent titanic built on the shipyard of the famous Belfast Northern Islands left behind its stories and legends.  This ship had everything you could imagine with respect to luxury.  Even the daily newspaper with stock exchange information and the menus for lunch were made available to the passengers on board.  This ship met its doom at 11:40 am on the night of April 14, 1912 after hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean.  The alarms were sounded, the captain had ordered for reversal of the engine to no avail.  Titanic facts tell us that there were only 32 seconds as a response time after being hit by the ice-berg and that was not at all enough.  Nothing could be done in this grave scenario.  The passengers had not realized at to what had happened and took it easy at first at the shouts of alarm.  No one was ready to accept that this could happen and with such speed.

The challenge put forth to the nature by terming it the unsinkable was not a wise thing to do.  The nature was against the Titanic that day and that was not good.  People were being drawn into every direction to queue for sitting onto the life boats.  Women and children were the prime focus at first, but the desperation among the people soon made it into a law and order situation.  Even gun shots sounded to keep the mob away from the life boats.  But the sad fact remains that only 705 passengers out of the 2,224 were saved that day.  The life boats were less in number than required for all the passengers on board.  Another tragedy is that the initial boats with a capacity of 65 people catered to only as many as 28 people.  The upper classes on board were not of the idea of suffocating themselves with many people in the life boat.

Titanic survivors in the boats were rescued in the cold by Carpathia, though the sad fact remains that the Californian ship was there nearby but did not respond to the distress signals as their receptor had gone to bed and their captain did not give any orders until morning, when they came to the rescue but it was too late.  Carpathia had already picked up the survivors in misery.  Had this ship responded on time, many of the titanic victims would be among the survivors.  But the damage had been done and lives lost.  The victimized dedicated their lives towards better navigational and safety equipment that we enjoy today.

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