Top 10 Romantic Movies List for this Valentine Day 2013

weekend Movie home posterValentine Day is coming soon this year and you want to celebrate this day with your lover and here in This Post I give you some most popular romantic movies for Celebration. They are all movies best Romantic and Most watching movies for holiday. According to me this is the best way for celebration. You should watch these movies on valentine day 2013.

Hollywood has released lots of Romantic and Valentine day movies. But here in this post have top movies list for Valentine day couple. And if you want to more information about Hollywood romantic movies and want to watch on this valentine day 2013. Here is another list “Top 10 Best Romance Movies of 2012”. This list I have created by me last year (2012).

So read information And Watch Trailer. I have calculated these movies Collection. This is top 10 movies for this valentine day 2013:-

Movie 10. Title: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Movie 2004)

Released In Theater(s): 19 March 2004 (USA)
Movie Director(s): Michel Gondry
Movie Genre(s): Romance, Sci-Fi, Drama
Run Time: 108 Min


Movie 9. Title: When Harry Met Sally… (Movie 1989)

Released In Theater(s): 21/July/1989 (USA)
Movie Director(s): Rob Reiner
Movie Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Comedy
Run Time: 96 Min


Movie 8. Title: Love Actually (Movie 2003)

Released In Theater(s): 14/November/2003 (USA)
Movie Director(s): Richard Curtis
Movie Genre(s): Romance, Comedy, Drama
Run Time: 135 Min


Movie 7. Title: Say Anything (Movie 1989)

Released In Theater(s): 14/April/1989 (USA)
Movie Director(s): Cameron Crowe
Movie Genre(s): Romance, Comedy, Drama
Run Time: 100 Min


Movie 6. Title: The Goodbye Girl (Movie 1977)

Released In Theater(s): 1/February/1978 [Australia]
Movie Director(s): Herbert Ross
Movie Genre(s): Romance, Comedy, Drama
Run Time: 111 Min

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Movie 5. Title: Gone with the Wind (Movie 1939)

Released In Theater(s): 17/January/1940 (USA)
Movie Director(s): Victor Fleming
Movie Genre(s): Romance, Drama, War
Run Time: 238 Min


Movie 4. Title: An Affair to Remember (Movie 1957)

Released In Theater(s): 11/July/1957 (USA)
Movie Director(s): Leo McCarey
Movie Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Run Time: 119 Min


Movie 3. Title: Titanic (Movie 1997)

Released In Theater(s): 19/December/1997 (USA)
Movie Director(s): James Cameron
Movie Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Run Time: 194 min


Movie 2. Title: Casablanca (Movie 1942)

Released In Theater(s): 23/January/1943 (USA)
Movie Director(s): Michael Curtiz
Movie Genre(s): Romance, Drama, War
Run Time: 102 Min


Movie 1. Title: The Notebook (Movie 2004)

Released In Theater(s): 25/June/2004 (USA)
Movie Director(s): Nick Cassavetes
Movie Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Run Time: 123 Min


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