Top 10 Best Movies For April Fools Pranks


Top 10 Best Movies For April Fools Pranks

April Fools’ Day one more exciting part of 2013, therefore to celebrate this unique prevalence we’ve place along our high ten best April fool pranks Movies.

If you want to watch pranks Movies on this 1 April fool day. Hence here is a most accepted collection of Hollywood Movies. I trust when you watch these movies you will get enjoyment. So enjoy your 1 April fool day with your friends.

“Dumb & Dumber [Movie 1994]”

Released In Theater(s): 16/December/1994 [USA]
Movie Director(s): Peter Farrelly
Movie Genre(s): Comedy

“The Game [Movie 1997]”

Released In Theater(s): 12/September/1997 (USA)
Movie Director(s): David Fincher
Movie Genre(s): Drama, Thriller and Mystery

“The Hangover [Movie 2009]”

Released In Theater(s): 5/June/2009 [USA]
Movie Director(s): Todd Phillips
Movie Genre(s): Comedy

“Men at Work [Movie 1990]”

Released In Theater(s): 24/August/1990 [USA]
Movie Director(s): Emilio Estevez
Movie Genre(s): Crime, Comedy, Action and Thriller

“American Graffiti [Movie 1973]”

Released In Theater(s): 11/August/1973 [USA]
Movie Director(s): George Lucas
Movie Genre(s): Comedy

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“April Fool’s Day [Movie 1986]”

Released In Theater(s): 27/March/1986 [USA]
Movie Director(s): Fred Walton
Movie Genre(s): Comedy, Mystery and Horror

“Home Alone 2: Lost in New York [Movie 1992]”

Released In Theater(s): 20/November/1992 [USA]
Movie Director(s): Chris Columbus
Movie Genre(s): Comedy, Crime, Family and Adventure

“April Fool [Movie 1926]”

Released In Theater(s): 15 November 1926 [USA]
Movie Director(s): Nat Ross
Movie Genre(s): Comedy

“Batman [Movie 1989]”

Released In Theater(s): 23 June 1989 [USA]
Movie Director(s): Tim Burton
Movie Genre(s): Action And Fantasy

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“The April Fools [Movie 1969]”

Released In Theater(s): 28/May/1969 (USA)
Movie Director(s): Stuart Rosenberg
Movie Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance

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