Some of the Best Animation Movie Characters

Animation and animated movies are all time favorite for the common mass. There are many characters in animated movies that really make up for the grade. Which animated character successfully took a leap to the fully feature film from its short form? Which animation character has been able to make a mark on the minds of the viewers? Read ahead to know about it…

Mickey Mouse best cartoon CharacterMickey Mouse

The most popular cartoon character!!! This character is never seen in a feature-length animation movie but it is known worldwide for its marvelous performance. There is some magical touch in this animated character and its acting is just superb!


An innocent and sweet rabbit hero for the kids! Richard Briers has voiced this animated character. This cartoon character retains its innocence all throughout heartbreaking Watership Down. With Fiver starts the story of Watership Down and it continues to be the most fragile and the cutest rabbits all throughout.

Daffy Duck

A tricky animated character for you! This is the greatest character of all Looney Tunes. This is a pretty funny character featuring in Looney Tunes: Back in Action. This is the most wanted animation character for the kids. Don’t you agree to it?


This is one of the characters of Flushed Away, an extreme fun-filled movie. Toad is a funny big screen creation of Ian McKellen. It is a pumped-up pompous buffoon who makes extravagant and wild speeches regarding ruling of the sewers. This is an on-spot parody of Bond villains portraying a certain degree of idiocy of the British politicians.


Aisling portrays a spirit of Ireland in the medieval adventure tale. If you think that this is a powerful spirit, you will be mistaken. This spirit is a very small sprite, a young mischievous sister who keeps on irritating Brendan and also helps him. Kids love to watch the magical abilities of this spirit!

Author’s Bio: Charles Malcolm loves cartoon characters. He spends most of his time watching the cartoon channels under DISH Network satellite tv. Through his blog he lets his readers know about some stunning animated characters.

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